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Benefits to Private Clubs

 All private clubs today are looking for the following elements:

#1. Added value benefits for existing members

#2. Additional revenue streams that have high profits

#3. Positive exposure of their private club to potential members

Well you have come to the right place!

We have formalized the informal reciprocal process which has always been a part of the private club industry.

The Private Club Network is an added value benefit to any private club, as it provides an impactful membership recruitment and retention tool.

Private Clubs across North America are now reaping the benefits of this easy to use, plug and play program, by giving their members an opportunity to enjoy the advantages of their private club membership while they travel.

As a member club of the Private Club Network,  your benefits include:

• Extending additional value to your existing club members via reciprocal play throughout North America

• Greater ability to retain existing members and recruit new members

• A powerful additional revenue stream to your club via guest play (as desired)

• The ability to allow ALL of your members to enjoy reciprocity as they travel, rather than placing a request to club staff. Helps to Free-up the club pro from endless phone calls to clubs for reciprocal benefits for members

This well constructed reciprocal network of private clubs provides members with a special discounted rate at each of our member clubs throughout North America, and is responsible for sending highly qualified prospects to your club with the ability to experience your club’s amenities.

Each participating club charges a PCN preffered rate based upon their guest fees, starting from $25 all the way to $250 increasing in $25 increments, (which includes cart). This “market driven” pricing structure allows each club to determine their own pricing structure based upon seasonality.

When your club enrolls in the Private Club Network, each of your golf members are automatically enrolled and may immediately begin enjoying the benefits at any of our member clubs throughout North America. You, in turn, extend the opportunity for other members of the network to visit your club on a space available basis.

Enroll your club today and start experiencing the benefits of the Private Club Network.