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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions, misconceptions, and issues that Country Clubs and club officials most frequently raise.

Q: Will we be overwhelmed with play?
A: You have complete control of assigning and or limiting tee times. No one will call your club directly or be allowed access to your facility without your permission.

Q: Is this only a reciprocal program?
A: Not only will your members benefit from the reciprocal aspect of Private Club Network, this program is designed to add value to the membership of your club and will assist with retention and recruitment.

Q: Will there be more clubs and different locations?
A: Private Club Network has over 200 member clubs nationwide in a variety of locations. We will continue to add clubs that we feel increase the value of the Network as a whole.

Q: Do our members travel enough to make this program worth their while?
A: Your members travel more frequently and to more locations than you may be aware.

Q: Private clubs generally do not accept outside play, do they?
A: Most private clubs accept limited outside reciprocal play from other private clubs. The Private Club Network becomes your resource for utilizing reciprocal privileges at other private country clubs.

Q: Once we sign up will we be able to cancel our membership?
A: Per our agreement you are able to cancel your membership in the Private Club Network at any time with a 30-day notice if for some reason you are not satisfied.

We hope we have answered some of your questions and proven to you that a relationship with the Private Club Network will provide a positive experience for your members.