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Private Club Network was founded in 1999 by Steve Graves, President of Creative Golf Marketing. Graves, a former golf professional, had actively participated in providing reciprocal benefits to his members as they traveled across the country. His members enjoyed the benefit but Graves was determined to formalize this very informal process. As the President of Creative Golf Marketing Graves was commonly asked by private club officials for additional "added value benefits" that members of their clubs could enjoy while they were away from their Club. Those requests, in combination with Graves participation in the reciprocal process as a golf professional, inspired him to create a professional and structured network of private clubs that would graciously extend reciprocal privileges to the other participating clubs.

In February of 2011, Creative Golf Marketing formed a strategic partnership with Jonas Software to enhance the Private Club Network. Through this partnership, clubs and their members will be able to take advantage of enhanced online capabilities which will enable members to book tee times at reciprocal facilities directly through their clubs website. Over the coming months and years, a strong emphasis will be placed on the development of feature rich online capabilities as well as the addition of new private clubs to the network, thereby increasing the overall membership value.